So you already have a whiteboard. You don't have any of that special cleaner and don't want to buy one.

What do you do?

Read on to find out!

People have all sorts of different tricks that they use to clean a whiteboard. Some things work well for whiteboard markers.

Other methods are better for marks by markers that are not dry erase.

This is just a simple way to clean a whiteboard with everyday available items.


Hand Sanitizer Method

  1. Get a Kleenex or paper towel.

  2. Squirt some hand sanitizer on the wipe.

  3. Wipe the board.

  4. Get another paper towel/Kleenex and wet it.

  5. Clean off the hand sanitizer.

  6. Dry the board. You're done!

Do you know alternative methods?

Just shoot us a comment and let us know.